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eCompliance Consulting
Medusae Consulting assists with managing compliance issues such as eDocuments drafting guidelines, retention and backup challenges, cloud storage exposure, and best practices for eDiscovery.  Our engineers will assess your current infrastructure and future needs in relationship to the current and proposed regulatory environment.  Contact us to see if we can help your small business remain in compliance.

The Legal Support Services Guide

Medusae LLC is a consulting firm that assists with setting up Legal Support Services and creates unique guides and materials related to the legal industry.  We modify and distribute more usable versions of the Judicial Council forms than the poorly crafted versions available on the web.  This is a do-it-yourself summary of our on-site consulting services.

The Guide includes:

1. Fill-in California Proofs Of Service, linked to references in the guide
2. Exclusive Specialized Forms Packages found nowhere else
3. The Process Server's Guide - (a separate guide available by itself)
4. Skip Tracer's Tips
5. California Code Guide for Process Servers
6. Spanish Phrase Guide for Process Servers
7. Adobe Acrobat® reader 10 or greater
All documents are in Adobe Acrobat® format (free Acrobat Reader® is included on the CD), are fully fillable and can be saved to your computer.  Our documents are custom tailored to allow longer character strings than those found on the web.  After many years of filling out proofs, we know what works, since the titles of legal documents tend to be longer than fit in the JCF versions. 

Most of our proofs are custom edited and many are exclusive to Medusae Consulting.  All forms are compliant with the Judicial Council of California and approved for filing.  Each toolkit includes free 2-year updates with purchase.
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COMING SOON: "The Engine Of Our Nation"

It is a treatise on what Was our nation as founded, What is has become over the years, and How we need to get back to what it was MEANT to be.  Comming Summer 2013.  Check back for exact publication date.

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