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~Black Lives Do Not Matter More Than Others: they don't.  Do not submit or kneel to Marxists!
~The Democrat party has metastasized into cancerous socialism en route to communist global hegemony with China at the top.  Defeat them in any way!
~Joe Biden is a corrupt fool, aside from suffering from Wernike's Aphasia from the aneurysms he suffered.


(Not Necessarily Daily But Definitely A Rant)

What has happened to America?

The world my generation grew up in during the 50’s and 60’s in no way resembles what the world looks like today.  Every morning we wake up to “news” about how America is a toxic racist white male founded anathema to the rest of the world and we descendants share in the blame by virtue of our DNA.  Well, that is of course, if you happen to BE white and Progressive, you get a pass.  The rest of us grab our ankles, I guess.

This infection of our society began in the late 50’s, when the communists won by discrediting McCarthy through the progress it had made infiltrating the press.  Yellow journalism was codified with the communist takeover from within of journalism: Saul Alinsky’s playbook item 1: control the narrative first to control the sheep.  Soon, things common to society began to be disparaged as “racist”, “sexist”, “bigoted”, or any number of popularized epithets.

 As the years progressed and more of these common Americanisms became ‘verboten’ due to what has became Political Correctness, the narrative of what America was started to change.  Marshall McLuhan saw this years ago in the mostly unnoticed book entitles “The Media Is The Message”, which the progressives of the times took advantage of.

Pretty soon, various perversions became popularized by those communities finally gaining jobs where influencing the media is possible.  The pinnacle of the communist progressive achievement is subversion of the schools...

More coming soon to a nightmare near you!

It's getting worse: denial is liberalism
So now it's mainstream to use any damn bathroom you want to, they (D)rats are blocking the invasion of economic parasites at the southern border, now including Ebola refugees, allowing people to live in tents and defecate on the streets of cities we pay taxes in, and yet deny root causes.
It's so fucking sick and mentally deranged as to defy description, yet it's happening.  
The average yokel in any liberal city does not understand how they will be the first ones' SHOT if their ilk gets it;s way and communism overtakes our democracy.
More to come soon, if I don't get mugged.


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