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MEDUSAE - [muh-doozuh,] - nounplural Medusas. Classical Mythology.
the only mortal of the three Gorgons. She was killed by Perseus, 
and her head was mounted upon the aegis of Zeus and Athena.

But, basically the message here is a big FUCK YOU back to the weasels like Soros liberals in Hollywood, who are morons and think they are qualified to do anything but act.  Complicit in the Alinsky takeover playbook is the umbrella of the Democrat Party with their psychotic subverted minions such as the Muslim Brotherhood; Islamist apologists; Farrakhan racist adherents in Congress and the Senate; lame-stream "news" propaganda machines such as MS-13NBC / ABC / CBS / NBC; the ACLU (American Communist Liberation Union); the (racist) Southern Poverty Law Center; and too many other corrupted entities to mention here. 

These entities are so adept at obfuscation of who, how, and where they operate.  The why we know: POWER UNINTERRUPTED AT ANY PRICE.

This includes the submission of your sovereignty to the global anarchy of the noisiest voices.

Reading further requires you understand all the tricks employed to subvert your objective assessment of proffered statements by "News" organizations (left OR right): these are l

ogical fallacy errors in reasoning, which invalidate the arguments as phrased at the outset, and cannot fairly be answered. 

There were originally 8 great fallacies, but these cover the more nefarious variations.


1. Ad Hominem • “Argument against the man” • Unfairly attacking a person instead of the issue • Attacking the character and/or reputation of a position’s supporters; “Guilt by association” •Example: We cannot listen to John’s opinion on global warming because he is a tree hugger.

2. Begging the QuestionThe opinion to be proved is given as if it were already proved. • Example: Global warming doesn’t exist because the earth is not getting warmer.

3. False Cause (Cause and Effect) • Citing a false or remote cause to explain a situation • Example: The increase in global warming in the past decade is because more teenagers are using hairspray.

4. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (False Cause) • “After this, therefore because of this” • Assuming that because two things happened, the first one caused the second one • Example: Every time my brother Bill uses hairspray, it is an extremely hot day.

5. Either or FallacyDiscussing an issue as if there are only two alternatives • This fallacy ignores any other possible alternatives • Example: We either ban hairspray or the world will end.

5. Evasion • Ignoring or evading the questions • Example: Reporter: “Senator, what is your view on global warming? Senator: “Global warming is definitely something we need to look into.”

6. False AnalogyMaking a comparison between two subjects that have more dissimilarities than similarities. • Example: Using hairspray everyday is like launching a nuclear weapon.

7. OversimplificationMaking a complicated issue seem very simple by using simple terms or suppressing information • Example: Global warming is caused by using hairspray and other beauty products.

8. RationalizationGiving incorrect reasons to justify your position • Example: I don’t believe in global warming because I like using hairspray.

9. Red HerringPresenting an argument unrelated to your subject in order to distract the reader • Example: In order to really look at the problem of global warming, we must first consider how the homeless suffer when it is cold.

10. Slippery SlopeImplying that one small step in the wrong direction will cause catastrophic results • Example: If we use just one more can of hairspray this month, earth as we know it will no longer exist.

11. Two wrongs make a rightDefending something done wrong by citing another incident of wrong doing • Example American does not need to regulate pollution because China is producing more pollution than we are.

12. Hasty GeneralizationAn inference drawn from insufficient evidence • It is warmer this year in Las Vegas as compared to last year; therefore, global warming is rapidly accelerating.

13. Straw ManAn argument in which an opponent’s position is represented as being more extreme than it actually is • Al Gore feels that all companies are irresponsible and should be punished for allowing emissions which causes global warming.

14. Equivocation • Juvenile tricks of language • If there really is global warming, how come it is cooler in Fullerton this year?

15. Non Sequitur • “It does not follow” • Argument in which claims, reasons, or warrants fail to connect logically. • Example We should stop using hairspray because it is snowing in New York.

Understanding that everything you read in the news is couched in the loaded phraseology with intention to persuade at any cost, is all you need to maintain objectivity now.


05.04.2018 - A good afternoon to every fucking liberal moron who followed some other fucking liberal moron who outed me from The Hill, a hotbed of liberal imbecility.

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